Ever been called a people person? What about a natural-born leader? (Keep reading if so…)


Prestige Business Solutions was founded in response to a large clientele in the retail, telecom, and entertainment industries needing massive improvements made to marketing & sales strategies! As we continue to grow and represent leaders in their respective industries, we look to add an outgoing Retail Sales Associate to our growing start-up.


Responsibilities Include:

  • Professionally representing our client
  • Customer acquisitions done face-to-face
  • Aiding with customer retention
  • Attending campaign and leadership meetings
  • Coaching and training others
  • Resolving customer inquiries
  • Ongoing self-development

This position is ENTRY LEVEL, we only promote from within our own company to management and other higher up positions in our firm. All training is done by top performers, hands on. This way each new team member is trained “on the job” so they get real-life examples of the situations, systems, and skills they will need to be successful once on their own.


Desired Qualities: 

The culture of our company is vital to continued growth and success. Our team consists ONLY of individuals that demonstrate:

  • Enthusiasm, energy, and positivity
  • Ability to work in teams & individually
  • High levels of integrity
  • Leadership ability
  • Determination and follow through
  • Genuine desire to help others
  • Ambition and Drive