Mateo Milic
Founder & CEO
Mateo was born in Croatia and moved to Kansas City, MO in 2001. He attended Missouri Valley College on a full ride soccer scholarship, earning his bachelors degree in Marketing and Business Administration. His parents have an established real estate business that he had the option to work in, but Mateo wanted to pursue his dream of running his own company.

Mateo started as an Entry Level in Kansas City, MO in March 2014, where he gained the opportunity to continue his growth. His strong work ethic and Go-getter mentality has gained him the prodigious title of President. Moving forward, his desire is to provide the same opportunity he was given by developing others into entrepreneurs and giving them the ability to live out their dreams!
Nicola Matthews
Human Resources Director

Nicola was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to The United States at age six. She grew up in Coral Springs Florida and later moved to Orlando.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Hospitality and Management. She then worked for Paramount Hospitality for four years as their Sales Manager.

After traveling the South Eastern part of The United States she was recruited by Prestige in April 2015. She soon became one of the top Corporate Trainers, and in November of 2015, she was promoted to Human Resources Director. She now continues to help build and maintain the success of Prestige Business Solutions!

Sanj Jaspal
Office Manager
Sanj was born and raised in Warwickshire, England. Both her mother and father ran their own separate businesses, so her love of entrepreneurship runs in the family, and she was always encouraged to push herself outside of her comfort zone!

After high school, Sanj accepted a full soccer scholarship to the U.S, half way around the world, and graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Biology. Upon graduating, Sanj's upbringing pulled her away from her biological studies and back into the business world. She then began her promising career as a Business Development Consultant in London.

After a few years in London, Sanj decided to move back to the U.S. and joined our team at Prestige Business Solutions. She has been with the company since its founding date and intends to help the company double in size in 2018!

Dea was born in Kosovo and moved to Orlando, Florida at a young age in 2010 where she graduated from Lake Howell High. She has always loved the business/entrepreneurship world, which led her to Prestige Business Solutions, Inc. where she has been developing her talents and skills. Dea is very goal driven, creating her own career path by seeking out opportunities to develop her skills while building relationships, networking with the right people and relying on those individuals for the right feedback and advice. She plans to pursue her career in the fashion and make-up world as well as a career in Human Resources.

Heidi Garidis
Human Resources Director

Heidi comes from a European Greek/German background, and was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida.  She moved to Orlando in order to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Central Florida. With her previous job as a bartender she decided she wanted a more career oriented role, which eventually led her to Prestige Business Solutions. As one of the HR Managers here at Prestige Business Solutions, she has excelled and flourished in a work hard, play hard environment.  Heidi says "Prestige has given me the opportunity to work in the business field and learn new things while still being able to attend school and follow my dreams."

Johnathan Gonzalez
Assistant Manager

Jon's family comes from Colombia, but he was born in Queens, New York.  "We moved south to Florida to pursue a better future for our family."  He attended Seminole State College and got his AA in Communications.

"I love playing football, basketball and reading and listening to podcasts to expand my brain.  What brought me to the business was the ability to control my own future, the culture and the competitiveness in me to be the best.  My next big move is to keep progressing in the business get to immediately get to Assistant Management and start looking for markets to open expand into."