Our claim to fame. ?


Marketing & Sales: Acting as liaisons between a client's brand and their target markets, Prestige Business Solutions eliminates the fear of outsourcing with our professionally trained team. Through proven, direct marketing & sales strategies, hands-on training, and the best CRM software in the country, we catapult growth for clients by speaking to potential customers about their services! All of our interaction is face-to-face, personable, completely customized, and guaranteed to produce results. Just ask about our 100% ROI guarantee!

Customer Acquisition: Bringing superlative communication skills to the table, Prestige Business Solutions offers clients a way to grow outside of hiring, training, and developing an internal sales team. Working in the bustling retail environment, we proactively approach, converse with, relationship build, and educate consumers on the benefits of your services. We acquire customers through our advanced communication, NLP, and customer service training, ensuring you not only gain but retain long lasting customers.

Leadership Training: With growth as our main focus, we're committed to developing the future leaders of the marketing & sales industry. Starting each team member in our organization at an entry level role, we ensure that they are given adequate, comprehensive training in areas of sales, marketing, human resources, administration, advertisement, and management, prior to moving them into a branch management role. With regional and national conferences, local networking opportunities, Covey time management training, and top training from corporate executives, we produce integrity-driven, results-oriented leaders.

Market Expansion: In perhaps the most exciting service we offer, Prestige Business Solutions is committed to growing client's brands outside of Orlando. Need representation in Dallas, Denver, or Phoenix? We hire, train, groom & develop teams to pilot campaigns into new markets, doing the groundwork needed to help you expand even further nationally. Upon expansion, we offer ongoing market analysis helping ensure our growth is mutually beneficial. Our goal by 2020 is to expand the Prestige name coast to coast and have a footprint to grow into the UK!... ...